Boxing Day Flower Count 2011

I remember reading on some blog somewhere that some gardeners do a Christmas Day flower count to see how many plants are flowering in their garden.  I have decided to start doing the same but as I spent yesterday cooking and eating I have decided to do a Boxing Day flower count.

My Grevillea Canberra (above) is just opening its flowers which will please the bees a lot as they love the plant and it is covered in insects during the late winter/spring.  I love this plant.  Firstly it reminds me of my sister as I bought it from a wonderful small nursery near her and she, being a non-gardener, was impressed I knew what the plant was.  It wasn’t that impressive as I had just been reading about it in Christopher Lloyd’s Colour for Adventurous Gardeners.  Secondly I love it as it is thriving in my front garden and is a real focal point especially in the winter.

The Climbing Fuchsia is still flowering and has new buds opening.  I think the description ‘climbing’ is a little optimistic but I am hoping it will provide some low-level interest against the fence at the end of the patio and I will grow a clematis, yet to be decided upon, along the top of the fence.

I was surprised to find Antirrhinum still flowering its socks off.  I had thought I had pulled them all up when I did an autumn tidy but, like my housework, my garden tidying obviously leaves a little to be desired.  However, it is nice to see such a fresh flower at this time of year.

The Ceanothus which looked like it had given up the ghost this time last year after a second harsh winter is thriving.  This is an autumn flowering one though I have no idea of its name.

I love this Abelia which I think is a much underrated shrub.  I have two which I bought a couple of years ago for a few pounds each and they are now both substantial shrubs.  The one above has been moved from the front garden where it was getting subsumed into the laurel hedge – I had underestimated the growing space needed – and is  now in the new cottage garden border, she says somewhat grandly!

I love photographing the Mahonia, the flower spikes are so beautiful.  I also am still enjoying photographing the Cyclamen hederifolium which has been flowering for a couple of months although it is starting to look faded now.  I did notice this morning that there were leaves appearing which can only mean that the flowers will definitely be over soon.

The winter jasmine is full of flowers with more buds about to open.  In contrast the Bidens and Salvia confertiflora which should have finished flowering back in October are hanging on but I think they will give up soon.  There are also a few winter violas flowering and this Geranium whose name I have long forgotten.

So that’s 12 plants in flower on Boxing Day 2011 and in a couple of days they will be joined by the Choisya and Sarcococca.  A bit different to last year when the garden was covered in a thick icy blanket of half melted snow.

I wonder what will be flowering on Boxing Day 2012