The Patient Gardener


Today was the best day in the garden this year but that isn’t really saying much as it’s the first day I have really been able to spend any time outside due to the cold, rain, frost, ice or snow since November. As normal I had half a dozen ideas of what I wanted to get on with today but I became distracted by the pond.  Having written a blog post for… Read More

Garden blogging for the last 18 months has really expanded my knowledge without me really realising that I was absorbing so much information.  However, I realised today that my knowledge has recently expanded even more since I started writing a week post on gardening for I hadn’t really thought about how I would find things to write about  each week.  I suppose I just assumed that it would be like writing… Read More

Gardening Gone Wild have invited us bloggers to write about water in our gardens so I thought I would show you my wildlife pond.  At the moment I am quite pleased with it but about a month ago I was despairing. The pond was dug about 4 years ago.  Its not in the ideal location for a pond but we removed a ridiculously big conifer when we moved in which resulted in an… Read More

Surprise surprise it is raining on an English bank holiday!  Before the rain really set in I took some pics of my back garden so here is a tour. This is the patio as you come out of the kitchen.  As you can see there are lots of seedlings waiting to be planted out but its just too wet! My garden slopes up from the house, you can just see a brick… Read More