The Patient Gardener


Whilst the garden is burgeoning and there are plump buds appearing every day there is still very little actually in flower for me to show you on this February GBBD.  My favourite at the moment is the beautiful Hellebore above.  I bought it 2 years ago from Ashwood Nurseries and it didn’t flower at all last year so I am thrilled that the plant has lots of fat buds on it. February is… Read More

Now that the snow has mostly melted I have been out in the garden to see how my plants have faired.  Sadly it looks like my Geramium Madrense wont survive.  I have had it two years and it was fine last winter but it has been much colder this year for longer and I tihink it might just give up – only time will tell. Still there were lots of signs that… Read More