The Patient Gardener


What a lovely autumn weekend.  Misty cool mornings followed by warm sunny afternoons. I do love Autumn; its my second favourite season after Spring. We were busy with some family gatherings and a need to buy a new wheelbarrow – yes my lovely purple wheelbarrow is no more. But I did find time to start the mammoth bulb planting project I have on my hands.  I would like to say that this… Read More

Autumn and the season of bounty is definitely upon us.  My step over apples have generous crops of apples considering how small the trees are; not bad for their third year. I finished off my period of annual leave by replanting the Cottage Border along the top of the wall.  Last weekend I lifted everything aside from the roses and sage, potted it up although I threw a few plants.  Then I… Read More

Meteorologically with the advent of September we have moved from summer into autumn.   I have noticed a few bloggers bemoaning the passing of summer but for me I am beginning to feel a sense of excitement at the prospect of the new season.  Autumn and spring are my favourite seasons.  They are seasons of change, of the passing from new to old and vice versa and suit my fidgety nature.  I find… Read More

The garden has spent most of the week under several inches of snow.  Whilst this is boring to  look at the snow has insulated the emerging bulbs and perennials from the consistently low temperatures.  Come yesterday the temperatures lifted and returning home from a day out at Ashwood Nurseries I discovered my garden had returned to its greenish/brownish self. I think there is something special about looking at the garden after snow… Read More