The Patient Gardener


Earlier this week I posted about my visit to Witley Court, an English Heritage property and I mentioned that the gardens had been recently restored.  As promised here they are. The original parterres were designed by landscape architect William Nesfield between 1854 and 1860.   The parterre is designed to be seen from above, for example from the ballroom window, and is called ‘de broderie’ is because it is reminiscent of embroidery patterns. … Read More

I felt in need of a little culture during my week off but didn’t want to venture too far afield so I decided to revisit Witley Court which is just over 30 minutes away.  The property is managed by English Heritage so immaculately maintained but there is something quite special about it.  English Heritage claim that the property is one of its most romantic.  Personally I don’t think romantic is the word… Read More