Stripey Bowl



While I am faffing around with wool crocheting multi-coloured squares my eldest son is up the garden in his workshop playing with wood.  I really shouldn’t say ‘playing’ as the wood-turning he does is very skilled.  He is self-taught and learning slowly having been given a lathe nearly two years ago.  He works as a cabinet-maker so has access to various off-cuts of interest wood and above is this weeks creation which I am incredibly impressed with.

The get the stripey effect he makes a blank by glueing together layers of wood offcuts and then he turns the bowl.  He is pointed out all the faults to me – essentially it isn’t as smooth as it should be and if you are being very fussy you can feel the joins of the wood layers but I think it is very pleasing.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


This week’s photo challenge theme is – Unique.  So I thought I would show you one of my son’s minature birdhouses.  He makes these and each one is unique using various left over wood and slight changes to the shape of the roof and base.

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