The Patient Gardener


Look what I found lurking down the end of the garden.  Well it’s up the end of the garden really as my garden slopes up from the house. I have had mushrooms in the garden before, in fact every year at this time there are mushrooms in the front lawn and I think they originate from the roots of the old conifer which weren’t taken out with the tree and are rotting… Read More

This time last year I had one of my weekends of enthusiastic activity and lifted the turf (well moss) for a new border in the garden (see below).  Then the weather changed and it was hot and dry for months making it almost impossible to dig the new border.  I cheated terribly and covered the soil with a thick layer of green waste  and planted into this.  There were only a couple… Read More

Now I know this doesn’t look that inspiring. Its not some fancy parterre or a raised vegetable  border all neat and designed.  No its just a small area of ground with abit of log roll and some rocks….but I am quite pleased  with it.  You see the border here used to sweep up in a curve opposite to the way the border curves, now if you see what I mean.  This border… Read More