The Patient Gardener


I had a mixed reaction to Aberglasney which is located in Carmarthenshire in Wales.  It is interesting as my reaction to the various bits of the garden helped me to understand my growing preference to certain styles of gardens and plants. Aberglasney came into being in the mid 1600s and for the following four centuries the property went through highs and lows following the fortunes of its owners.  By 1995 the house… Read More

Finally, after three weekends of not being able to get in the garden due to two colds and family commitments I managed to spend quite a bit of time indulging myself this weekend. It was a little chilly to start with but hard work soon warmed me up and I even avoided coughing fits which have plagued me for four weeks. My first priority was to get my raspberry canes in.  I… Read More

  When I say ‘woodland’ garden what I really mean is my shady area of the garden where I grow lots of plants that would be happy on the edges of a woodland.  Like many other gardeners I tend to choose grandiose names of bits of my garden.  Obviously, sub-consciously I have a desire to have a bigger patch. When I say ‘walk’ what I really mean is standing on one spot and… Read More