The Patient Gardener


  What a wonderful weekend it has been.  Saturday was bright and sunny and warm enough for gardening in a T-shirt and for sitting and contemplating with a cuppa.  Luckily I bothered to check the weather forecast for a change and focussed all my energies on outside gardening jobs leaving Sunday for seed sowing and potting up which can be done under cover. I have dug out the cane domes and placed… Read More

Finally, a good weekend for gardening albeit very soggy due to the endless rain we have had for weeks.  It has rained so  much that on Friday my journey to work was doubled in time due to flooded roads despite a fairly limited amount of rain overnight; it just shows how saturated the ground is. The days are starting to get longer but not enough yet for me to be able to… Read More

The wonderful thing about bank holidays is that they give you an opportunity to go garden visiting and still do all the other things that demand time at the weekend.  So Easter Monday found me taking to the road and wandering along the wonderful A449 from Ledbury to Ross-on-Wye – this road is worth driving down just for the sake of it, the countryside is gorgeous. My destination was The Old Corn… Read More