The Patient Gardener


  It seems that all indications are that I am a plant addict.  There are worse addictions you could have but I do find myself wondering where this obsession with plants comes from.  There isn’t any one else in my family that I know of who is a keen gardener let alone a plant addict.  I suspect some of my interest goes back to childhood visits to my aunt and her mother’s… Read More

Today’s writing assignment is to have a virtual cup of coffee.  The idea is already out there on various blogs – Kate goes global and Girl with the Red hair and basically you write a post as if you were having a conversation over coffee starting each paragraph with “If we were having coffee right now”. So here goes, have you got your coffee ready? If we were having coffee right now… Read More

Dear Worldwide Web Or if I maybe familiar www, I am writing to express my amazement and appreciation of the contribution you have made since you emerged in our world nearly 25 years ago. My sons are oblivious of the world before it had a worldwide web but as a child of the 60s I am constantly amazed at how we managed without you.  I am befuddled as to how you do… Read More

Where do I write my words of wit and wisdom!? Well on the sofa of course, where else. I probably write in a way that any one who was interested in occupational health would be shocked by! I spend all day, every week day working at a PC at a desk writing in my job.  So when I blog I want it to feel different to what I do 9-5. Not only… Read More

The boy jumped for joy, he jumped because he could. He could run and jump, laugh and cry, he could express himself how ever he wanted. He was free. The boy was free of tyranny, free of oppression. He no longer woke at the slightest sound in the night, in fear of his and his family’s lives.  He no longer listened at doors to adult whispered conversations, not for his ears. He… Read More